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an image of a rainbow colored circle with the word peace written in white on it
color-wheel contrast - Fieldstone Hill Design
Always good to remember the color-wheel contrast for decorating. Opposites on the wheel complement each other.
a color wheel with different colors on it and the words,'allsonkah the
Cathe Holden | Creative Lifestyle
Free Vintage Color Wheels & Charts on my blog for download!
a person holding an open rainbow umbrella over their head in front of a book page
A Rainbow Umbrella!
a new spin on the color wheel assignment - arteascuola: A Rainbow Umbrella! I swear I can see Gene Kelly "Singing in the rain" in the movie. Great movie, especially this particular scene. Classic!
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts in each country, and how they are
Follow this link to see different colour schemes created using a traditional colour wheel.
an image of different colors on paper with the words color theory written in it and below them
Art Tutorials
Art Tutorials--My idea--each student makes a "sample" of a color scheme to assemble into a poster for the room.
a hand holding a blue and yellow business card with an image of a man swimming
The Ultimate Creative Business Cards Collection | BrandCrowd blog
Ultimate creative business cards collection
a quote that reads words, as with sunbeams, the more we condensee them, the deeper they burn
Rule of Three – Copywriting & Creative Agency
... Story of how a "Word" went south and left the flock of "words" and why they begun to mock that "word". One day a sheep left a flock taking with him his chain and lock. "Word" spread butter on bread and not having met young champ known as Mike Rosoft nothing would end up like that. Mike said to "word", do you know my pal Win of Dow's and after these words WinDows and "Word" with MikeRosoft became friends bonded by blood...sucking pirates
a poster with the words it's a good day to have a good day
"Life is what you make of it. That's why bees work that hard"