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DIY Garlic Braiding Decorative Garlic Braids With Herbs For Decoration

Garlic scapes are the top part of hardneck garlic that is harvested before the plant flowers. Learn how to grow and cook with garlic scapes in this article.

Garlic braids omg I have to get my garlics into the ground!

STORAGE Never store garlic in the refrigerator as temperatures of 40-50 F will start premature growth. I believe that garlic is best stored in braids, with some hanging in your kitchen where it is convenient to use. Different strains and varieties of garlic have different storage lives.

A&L garlic farms has all sizes of braids for your needs.

Garlic Wreath. How to make at:

How to make Christmas Wreathes from Sprouts, Fruit, Nuts and Garlic. SPROUT WREATH I made this edible Christmas wreath for lovely Mandy who works for me. Mandy has a bit of a sprout fetish and starts eating …Continue reading →