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Wall mounted modular storage system by Kerf Design.

Kerf Wall is a new ajustable wall mounted storage system, it's like they combined a traditional wooden peg board with the metal hook version I see in cheap department stores. This is a great idea! For a garage or a studio or even a creative store .



Cybernetic Kinetic Sculptures by Ziwon Wang

Ziwon Wang creates various amalgamations of the man/machine hybrid.

Kinetic landscape prototype by Albara Saimaldahar, Georgia Tsoli, Cesar Saldivar

REVma -/+: Architectural Intelligent Canopy by AA D_Lab + ShariShariShari @ Kinetica Art Fair 2012


Hyundai’s Hyper-Matrix Kinetic Wall Is Amazing

wolwerin stolička

wolwerin stolička

Mr. Exposition spent billions on a chair . . .

Robotic arm to re-attach pacifier to baby's mouth