AUTUMN tips. Herbst tips. JESEŇ. Warm soft/muted.

Value from light to dark! Chroma: TONES + SHADES. Tips in soft,muted,dull colours, easy combination with other "autumns" colours. If you want to buy something…
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Základ šatníka jesenných typov - neutrály.
Farebné kombinácie s neutrálmi jesennej škály

How to create a harmony

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Autumnn black

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Pampas is a rich golden brown tone, a limited edition color. Select cut sheet or yardage-multiples of 1/2 yard cuts will yield one uncut sheet. Our bolts are approximately 36" wide and full bolts are priced at 10% off. Inventory on full bolts is limited, please contact us for availability. About our Felt:Our felt is a blend of 20-35% wool with the rest rayon; approximately 1mm thick. Our wool is only from merino sheep, prized for their quality and softness and making Benzie's felt strong, resist
Pantone Smart Swatch 15-1216 Pale Khaki, neutral - far from face

Autumn neutrals

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Autumn grey

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 13-1011 Ivory Cream
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 13-1007 Oyster White
Pantone Smart Swatch 12-0812 Alabaster Gleam

Autumn white - lightly greish yellowish "white"

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PANTONE SMART 16-1148X Color Swatch Card, Nugget
PANTONE SMART 18-1018X Color Swatch Card, Golden Brown
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 17-1047 Honey Mustard

Autumn beige

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PANTONE SMART 19-1220X Color Swatch Card, Cappuccino Pantone,
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 18-1163 Pumpkin Spice

Autumn brown

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Autumn khaki

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 16-1133 Mustard Gold
Pantone Smart 18-0426 TCX Color Swatch Card | Capulet Olive | Magazine Cafe Store NYC USA

Autumn olive tones and shades

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 18-0627 Fir Green
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 14-0425 Beechnut

Autumn yelow yelowgreen

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 17-0115 Oil Green
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 18-0328 Cedar Green

Autumn yellowgreen

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PANTONE Smart 15-6316X Color Swatch Card, Fair Green - Wall Decor Stickers -
BUY Pantone Smart Swatch 17-0215 Aspen Green

Autumn green yelowgreen

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BUY Pantone Smart Swatch 19-6026 Verdant Green
PANTONE Smart 15-6114X Color Swatch Card, Hemlock - Wall Decor Stickers -

Autumn green

8 Pins TIE G Solid Satin Color Formal Necktie and Pocket Square Sets in Gift Box (Aqua) : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Autumn teal, bluegreen, tyrquoise...between blue and green

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Autumn greenish blue

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BUY Pantone Polyester Swatch 19-4119 Blueberry Pa

Autumn violet blue (cool)

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 19-3218 Plum Purple
Pantone Smart Swatch 19-3230 Grape Juice

Autumn purple

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Autumn blue violet (cool)

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 19-2429 Plum Caspia

Autumn redpurple

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 19-2025 Red Plum
Pantone Smart Swatch 17-1633 Holly Berry

Autumn redmagenta

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Модные цвета PANTON Осень — Зима 2020/2021 -
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 18-1438 Marsala
PANTONE SMART 19-1526X Color Swatch Card,

Autumn red

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14-1313 Rose Cloud

Autumn orange-red

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 18-1447 Orange Rust

Autumn red-oranges

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 14-1139 Pumpkin
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 16-1260 Harvest Pumpkin

Autumn oranges

20 Pins Pantone 16-3915 TCX Smart Color Swatch Card, Alloy: Home Improvement
PANTONE SMART 17-1047X Color Swatch Card, Honey Mustard - Wall Decor Stickers - Pantone 16-3915 TCX Smart Color Swatch Card, Alloy: Home Improvement

Autumn yellow- oranges

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