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Slovak folk dance performed by Lúčnica! Artistic Lúčnica was founded in 1948 and has three components: a dance, a choir and an orchestra. Lúčnice was founded by choreographer Olga Chodáková.

Slovak Folk Embroidery

mapsontheweb: “ A map of Slovakia based on patterns of embroideries used typically.

LOT European Floral Ribbon Peasant Ethnic Trim Czech Slovak Folk Costume Kroj | eBay

LOT European Floral Ribbon peasant ethnic trim Czech Slovak folk costume KROJ

Floral Ribbon Peasant Ethnic Trim Czech and Slovak Folk Costume-Kroj

Traditional dresses, nowadays only seen in some of the villages throughout Slovakia (Easter)

In Slovakia boys whip girls with willow whips on Easter Monday. Girls then give them painted eggs. Now also chocolate eggs and also money.

Pribylina - Liptov region

Pribylina is a village in the Žilina Region of northern Slovakia, at the foot of Kriváň, which is often considered Slovakia's most beautiful mountain.

Moravské Lieskové village, Považie region, Western Slovakia.

Moravské Lieskové village, Považie region, Western Slovakia.

Oscypek: A Polish Smoked Cheese Oscypek is a very old sheep's cheese produced by shepherds living in the Tatra mountains.

Oscypek - the most famous Polish cheese. It is a smoked cheese made from the salted sheep milk (don't buy imitations made from cow's milk) and formed in traditional wooden forms. Oscypek is an absolute must taste when you visiting Polish mountains.

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12011118_1042428905807397_8784621901421468043_n.jpg (720×525)