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a person standing in the middle of a dark tunnel with their shadow on the ground
19 – September – 2012
NATURE MASTERPIECES - Gregory Colbert is a canadian photographer and director with undeniable talent. With his project Ashes and Snow, he provides us with sepia colored photographs taken NATURE MASTERPIECES - during his travels. Images traveling around the world with a nomadic museum, the “Nomadic Museum”.
a man kneeling in front of two elephants with their trunks stretched out and his eyes closed
Gregory Colbert
Gregory Colbert
black and white photo of two people in the water with their arms outstretched, holding hands out to each other
Ashes and Snow - Gregory #Colbert
four people holding hands walking up a hill with an elephant in the sky behind them
Gregory Colbert Ashes And Snow
a herd of elephants standing next to each other
Gregory Colbert
Gregory Colbert#
a woman in white dress sitting next to an elephant with its trunk over the water
Blurring the Lines Between Animals and Mankind
Canadian filmmaker and photographer Gregory Colbert captures the beautiful, uninhibited relationship between man and wildlife.
an elephant is laying on the ground with its tusks curled around it's neck
inspired by: gregory colbert - Tara Leaver
a woman is walking down some stairs with birds around her and one bird flying over her head
from Ashes and Snow // by Gregory Colbert
a man standing in the water next to an elephant
Gregory Colbert
gregory colbert
a person sitting on some stairs with a bird flying overhead
i ♥ photographers I
Astonishing shot of falcon sweeping down a staircase toward a sleeping child.Gregory Colbert
an abstract photograph of water and clouds in black and white, with the reflection of trees
Ashes and snowLo museum ....I've always wanted to visit the nomadic museum
a woman sitting in front of a bird on top of a boat
Gregory Colbert
Gregory Colbert