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McGuire Furniture: Reclaimed Teak Side Table: No. TK-264

Small Cedar Wood Projects There are loads of useful tips for your woodworking projects at

Incredible Homes with Secret Rooms and Passageways

incredible homes with secret rooms and passageways! i've always wanted a secret room!!!

1450 Concealment Cover

Hidden tactical safe

Nightstand with secret compartment (inspiration only...good idea for home without children...perfect for the elderly or a single woman)

Two boards with LEDs in middle! Awesome and easy to make!

how to build a night stand with a drawer!!

50 Amazing DIY Nightstand Ideas for Your Bedroom

Make one of these for CoCo

Branching Table. It is a magnificent piece of craftsmanship that uses traditional Japanese joinery techniques to create an intricate design that does not rely on nails or screws. The geometric branching of the bamboo center design creates an intriguing design and a great place to come together with friends and loved ones over coffee. #sondermill #coffeetable