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a person is walking down the stairs in a building with wood and glass on it
30 Wooden Types of Stairs for Modern Homes - World of Architecture
Wonderful Stairs - CASA CUBO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
a city skyline with tall buildings and the words 30 things to do in sao paul, brazil
30 Things to Do in São Paulo, Brazil
30 Things to Do in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in South America | This Is My Happiness travel blog | #Brazil #SaoPaulo #travel
a city skyline with the words 30 things to do in sao paul, brazil
30 Things to Do in São Paulo, Brazil
30 things to do in one of the world's largest cities: Sao Paulo, Brazil
an abstract photograph of a building with curved walls
oscar niemeyer | international cultural center [avilés, asturias, spain].
black and white photograph of an empty room with curved ceiling, concrete flooring and walls
niemeyer project spain
by Oscar Niemeyer
the water is crystal blue and clear with rocks in it's foreground, and an island in the distance
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Fernando de Noronha, Brasil...
sand dunes and water in the distance
F&O Fabforgottennobility
Lençois Maranhenses, #Maranhão #Brasil
the interior of a concrete house with stairs leading up to an outdoor kitchen and dining area
Habitat | Living Spaces in shades of Caramel + Mint
Paulo Mendes da Rocha home in São Paulo, Brazil
a tennis court surrounded by multicolored buildings with people playing on the courts in front
Building Community - Metropolis
An important aim of Ruy Ohtake’s housing project, Conjunto Habitacional, in Brazil, was to open up safe spaces where residents could gather and their kids could play.
the city is full of tall buildings and colorfully painted houses in front of an urban skyline
Olinda (Recife) Pernambuco, Brazil
two women sitting on a bench in front of colorful buildings
* Lime In The Coconut
The colors of Brazil...Olinda
four women in white dresses and red headbands posing for the camera on a city street
Learn about Brazilian culture in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
brazilian people and culture | Learn about Brazilian culture in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
an old black and white photo of a bride and groom
Diversidade since 1920.... Casamento inter-racial de japonês com negra. Década de 1920. Norte do Estado do Paraná
an image of two people standing next to each other with the moon in the background