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Visions of the future, from yesterday and today.

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Retro futurismo - Armstrong ad. Anuncio de sistema de techo Armstrong C-60 luminaria, 1966.

Armstrong ad

"Within an undersea complex, nestled on a continental shelf, take an imaginative glimpse into what a corporate headquarters might look like in years to come." Armstrong C-60 Luminaire Ceiling System ad, 1966. "Enter The University Library Of The Future" Armstrong Luminaire ad, 1967 "...a peak at…

CityLab - Bloomberg

It's basically a giant hole in the ground, designed to withstand Japanese earthquakes.

Skyport One: The Airport of the Future from 1957

In the late 1950s, many people took it for granted that our skies would be filled with thousands of amazing flying machines by the year 2000. But this posed a design challenge for futurist-minded planners. Where would these flying cars and helicopters land in the cities of tomorrow? In 1957, a handful of designers in London came up with a solution: the Skyport One.

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The History of the Future of Massiveness (1907)

JF Ptak Science Books Post 2580 For many years the steeple of Trinity Church was the tallest object in Manhattan, but by 1907 when the city was entrenched or engulfed in a skyscraper building adventure the future of massiveness and...

marconerli:  “City of the Future.. 1954, illustration by Kempster & Evans  ”

The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age

marconerli: “City of the Future.. 1954, illustration by Kempster & Evans ”

4 Fantastic Midcentury Visions of the Home of the Future

Every once in a while, when I’m playing with some strange gadget that ten years ago I never would’ve imagined could’ve existed, or pondering the creepy possibilities presented by drones or face recognition software, it occurs to me that I am living in THE FUTURE. But iPhones and Apple watches aside, the future really looks quite tame — especially compared with the delightfully space age-y versions of it envisioned in the 50s and 60s.

Brave New World | History

By Karen Feldman A Florida cybercity is the brainchild of a man with a vision for a brighter future While the Venus Project might seem like the title of an […]

Thomas W Schaller. From the City, 1990, Aquarell, 883 x 651 mm © Thomas W Schaller

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Proposed tower for the 1937 Paris Exposition

861 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Sometimes a rocket is just a rocket. Then there's this.

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Seeing into the Vast Future, 21 Years Hence: Futurama, 1939

JF Ptak Science Books Post 1461 The 1939 World's Fair in NYC famously exhibited a spherical attraction that exhibited a semi-robotic display of what the future would be like--a future that was only 21 years away, in 1960. There would...

Mid Century Modern Eames Retro Limited Edition Print from Original Painting Architecture Dodge Matad

MATADOR 1960 Dodge Matador parked near a free form space age bank. Mid Century modern style. This is a limited edition (200 prints) print by Linda Tillman. It is a print of an original gouache painting. Prints are all printed on archival matte paper. They are printed with a Canon iX6500 printer.

retrosci-fi:““I’m a regular at the sports center … for drinks up in the lounge.” via retro-futurism”

My Retro Future

vintagegeekculture: ““The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.” - Slogan posted before every Weapons Shop of Isher ”