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three peppers cut in half on a white plate
Jack-O'-Lantern Stuffed Peppers Are More Fun Than Carving Pumpkins
Edible Jack-O'-Lanterns FTW!
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there are some white chocolates with faces on them and pumpkins in the background
Strawberry Ghosts
A seasonal take on a classic.
some cookies and a knife on a table with a sign that says rice krispy treat brains
Rice Krispy Treat Brains
Totally delicious, totally creepy Rice Crispy Treat Brainsare perfect for your Halloween or Mad Scientist get togethers.
a glass filled with candy canes on top of a table next to two pumpkins
Spooky Fingers
Delicious chocolate dipped pretzels are Halloween ready with the simple addition of pumpkin seeds.
there is a pastry that has been made to look like a face on top of crackers
Mummy Brie Is The Scary Good Appetizer Your Halloween Party Needs
Mummy Brie Recipe—
double chocolate muffins in the palm of someone's hand with text overlay
High Protein Double Chocolate Muffins
These are MIRACLE muffins!!! Incredibly rich and loaded with dark chocolate chips, what really blew me away is how healthy they are. Each muffin has only 75 calories and 2g net carbs, but they pack 10g protein!!! Make these muffins and find out why they're our new favorite breakfast.
a bunch of doughnuts sitting in a paper wrapper on top of a table
Cinnamon Breakfast Balls with Protein - Cotter Crunch