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RUDOLF BROJS FROM AUSTRIA HAS DEDICATED HIS WHOLE LIFE TO FINDING THE BEST NATURAL CURE FOR CANCER. He actually made a special juice that gives excellent results for treating cancer. He has cured more than 45, 000 people who suffered from cancer and other incurable diseases with this method. Brojs said that cancer can survive ...

An Austrian national, Rudolf Brojs, searched his entire life for the best alternative cure for cancer, and he was finally successful. His special juice will boost your immune system, clean your blo…

Θεραπεια για ολο το σωμα,300γρ.ψιλοκομμε να σκορδα+1κιλο λεμονια  αλεσμενα σε κρεατομηχανη+1,5λιτρο νερο.Τα βαζουμε ολα μαζι σε μια κατσαρολα και τα βραζουμε για 15' σε μετρια φωτια.Αποσυρουμε απο την εστια και αφηνουμε να κρυωσει το μειγμα.Κατοπιν το τοποθετουμε σε γυαλινο βαζο και πινουμε καθε πρωι ενα κουταλια ιατρικης,για 25 ημερες,κανουμε μια διακοπη 10 ημερων και επαναλαμβανουμε.Αν θελουμε προσθετουμε μελι,τσιντερ,κανελα.

Place the mixture in a glass jar covered with aluminum foil. Take one tablespoon of medicine every morning on an empty stomach, 25 days. After that take a break of 10 days, then repeat the procedur

See How to Kill Tummy Fat With A Simple Bedtime Drink

See How to Kill Tummy Fat With A Simple Bedtime Drink. 1 cucumber, A bunch of parsley, grated ginger, ½ lemon, cup water. Blend all together and drink before bedtime.

Honestly, I'm more interested in your ideas... so as long as I understand what you mean, do what you's America.

10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling --- Ok, it's not like I could post something from The Oatmeal in my classroom. Not exactly appropriate for parents (the students would be fine, I'm sure).