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Leather Craft, Fimo, Cosplay, Metal Mask
Custom Blue and Black Dragon by merimask on DeviantArt
Sea Costume, Monster Mask
Larp, Horror, Lovecraft Cthulhu
a clay face with flowers on it sitting on a blue checkered tablecloth covered cloth
an octopus figurine sitting on top of a table
Lapoonder's Made Hand
a face made out of clay with leaves and flowers on it's head, sitting on a table
Crafts, Octopus Tentacles, Tentacle
a close up of a statue of an alien on a table
Alien bust. by BOULARIS on DeviantArt
Alien bust. by BOULARIS on deviantART
an odd looking mask is being made out of clay
Aluminum octopus face mask Octopus Jewelry
Casted Aluminum mask
an octopus statue with its mouth open and it's head sticking out from underneath
Joyner Studio
Character Design, Character Art, Mask, Character Design Inspiration
an alien mask is sitting on top of a wooden table
a clay mask is sitting on a table
a person holding up a clay mask with flowers on it
paige • chicago | pottery • jewelry on Instagram: "C o r a l R e e f ❊ Going back to the beginning with this piece, evolving from the first clay creations that allowed me to think "maybe I have a little talent in me after all" (◡‿◡✿) Those sea creatures (pinned to my reels) were the seedlings for my current style & creating this beauty transported me back to when I first discovered a passion for the medium years ago Sculpting her details, allowing the textures to naturally emerge, has truly be
a little boy holding a stick with a bunny mask on
I Made A Simple Bunny Mask Out Of Paper Mâché
I Made A Simple Bunny Mask Out Of Paper Mâché