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Not a cake, not food... Shot glasses made of ice (How to) - water or watered down (cuz it gets sticky) kool-aid, juice. Need: 3 and 1 oz plastic Dixie cups, small rocks, duct tape. Fill big cup about 2/3, place small cup inside, weigh down with small stone until rims are level, place a piece of duct tape over the 2 cups. Freeze...

Ice Shot Glasses Tutorial You will need: ~colored water or Kool-aid like beverage (if you go with the Kool-aid, water it down so it doesn& end up too sticky) oz Dixie cups oz plastic cups or Dixie cups ~small rocks ~ duct tape

DIY ice shot glasses

Making a shot glass out of ice is a cinch. I actually used two flavors of a Kool-aid-like beverage to make these glasses; blue raspberry and blueberry pomegranate. Not only do they make the ice shot glasses a lovely shade of blue, they taste good too.

Doily Lamp Tutorial by diy crafts. Just glue doilies around a balloon, leave a spot for a light, let dry and pop! Wonder if you could use mini white twinkle lights or if they would be too heavy?

A lamp made out of doilies! Take a bunch of doilies and sort of papier-mache them to a large balloon. Pop the balloon, run a light through the doily-ball, and BAM. The effect is beautiful.