Aurelia Hodorovicova

Aurelia Hodorovicova

Aurelia Hodorovicova
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50's Glamour, yes. But I wonder if we all put this much makeup on and did their hair every day what people would look like. Anyone can be gorgeous if they work hard enough.

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Exactly the look I'm going for with my hair right now! Just need to color it a little darker this fall then grow it out some more :)

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Acrylic nails are so pretty

There are 15 tips to buy this nail polish: nails acrylic nails ring jewels baby blue gold ring knuckle ring blue nails blue matte matte nail accessories nail art light blue perfect glamour bluish nail color.

I ADORE this outfit!

Holiday party outfit - dress, jacket and tights. I'm not a big fan of red clothing except maybe during the holidays.but an ensemble like this would make a cute holiday party outfit I think :) - Liza