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Maximus by on @deviantART

violet is a bratty cat who is friends with blue and has 3 sister( can teleport using electricity and lighting cats who control whether help her with doing that,she can also sometimes see the future)

This is DarkStar. She is a pet of the Dark Realm.

This is DarkStar. She was an abandoned kit from the Dark Realm.( can change her furs color to deceive anyone and change her voice to match that person, she also has incredible eye sight and can jump high)

Toxik female wolf no mate or pups power:Can put toxic waste any where best friends with Daredevil

Vixen female, sarcastic, short-tempered, good fighter, and more of a wolf who stays away from groups. She shows no mercy in battle but has a soft side. No mate or pups.


Name: Petal Gender: she-wolf Mate: None Pups: None Personality: A major playfully wolf, a young adult. She loves roses, and her favorite prey is strangely fish.