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a collage of books and pictures with the words books was away from the soul
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Write 4 Scenes That Reveal Who Your Character Is Seamlessly
a book cover with the words, fiction characters written in black and white on it
Fictional characters : write these 4 scenes
a sign with the words, create more tension in your scenes using the'advice also '
Create More Tension in Your Scenes Using the “Avoidance Outcome”
a woman holding an umbrella with the words, want more depth to your writing? try this
You Need To Try This Guaranteed Method of Creating Depth In Your Writing - Sacha Black
More Depth
steps with the words 3 steps to using layers to write intense emotions
How to Use Layers to Show Intense Emotions
A "numb" reaction isn't unusual for dark or deep emotions. In fact, it's probably fairly normal. But it makes writing the scene more difficult. How do we show numb and deep emotions at the same time? How can readers connect to an emotionless character?
the 30 day writing challenge is shown in orange and white, with words on it
how to write a novel in 30 days!