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Hair length often determines the kind of styles except with the medium lenght hairstyle. This is a length that is open to all types of styling from the simple to .

30 Cheap and Easy Home Decor Hacks Are Borderline Genius

cut idea to hide wires.especially in a play room, rec room or kid's room.However, if I was using in a play room or kids room I wouldn't use a picket fence but a rounded top. and Galoshes Photography

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Mehndi become an art and culture. Mehndi is not famous only among women but also in kids. Mehndi Designs for Kids 2016 that you would love to try and will satisfy your kid :).

Its ok to cry. Tears are the souls way of cleansing itself. Once done the load will be lighter. And if it's over a lost loved one. Talk to them. Even tho you can't see em, doesn't mean there not right there by your side. If they loved you, they will be there to listen. True love , wether friendship or family, never dies it just elevates to a higher level. We call them our guardian angels.

Rain falls because clouds can no longer handle the weight. Tears fall because the heart can no longer handle the pain. Rest in Peace


NOT SOME FREAK FEST, i want romance at its finest and i will be a pro. this is a Known and i love it, makes me smile thinking about it.

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I feel like I'm having a heart attack! You know the feeling when someone you love and trust betrays you and your heart feels like its crumbling. that's how I feel. and I'm scared