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I'll never forget when she took all those pills, and I had to beat her to keep her awake. My shrink said she would have gone into a coma had i not stayed with her. She turned into a little girl. I told her we were going to a concert, and to get in the car. I sat outside a hospital with her all night in my club clothes in case she stopped breathing.

Because I can't seem to find any reason why I shouldn't just take them all and just kill myself now and make my whole life disappear because I don't want to be here anymore.

Love new band merch

Its true, when I got my first Nirvana shirt I was like "*Cues music* I am amazing *Casually trips on face*"

so true showing this to everyone I know who hates on my bands

I hate it when people say that band members are satanists and they don't even bother to get to know them. Band members are amazing people and its more likely that you people giving them this kinda shit are satanists.