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Nie, Loď, Rackové, Jazero, Obloha

The Danish Proverb advised that the small cloud may hide both sun and moon! This page is a compilation of proverbs, quotes and sayings about CLOUDS.

Lentikulárne, Cloud, Krúžky

Some folks think lenticular clouds look like a stack of pancakes, but most people think they look like “saucer clouds.” These clouds are more dense, colder, than the surrounding air, so…

Obloha, Búrka, Na Šírku, Blesk, Nie

Thunder and rain sounds for sleep, storm, ambient nature, meditation, de.

Mesiac, Obloha, Mraky, Deň, Vtáky

In this article I show you several easy ways to clear the energy of crystals. Although I will talk specifically about crystals, the same techniques can apply to jewelry, clothes, artwork and other items.

Viedeň, Schönbrunn, Palmenhaus

Free Image on Pixabay - Vienna, Schönbrunn, Palm House