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Eu desenho uma ilusão de ótica 🤯🖍️
Desenho psicadélico / Desenho de coração / Tabuleiro de xadrez / Azulejos / Efeito glitch da TV / Desenho com marcadores de álcool / Glitch art / Ilusão de ótica / Óculos vermelhos e azuis
four different colored donuts with sprinkles are on the same square canvas
How Pop-Art Changed Perception of Art - Art Business News
the bathroom is decorated with colorful paper flowers
Pop Art Project Tutorial
In this video, Jessie shows you how to create a Pop Art Project, perfect for fans of comic books and superheroes! This is a great project that uses the style of pop art, an art movement that originated in the 1950s, to create a fun and exciting masterpiece. Click on the link to see the full tutorial! Materials needed: - Construction paper - Markers - Scissors - Glue
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a table topped with lots of cut out signs and paper art pieces on top of it
an image of pop art with doughnuts on it and the word popart
the wall is decorated with comic themed stickers on it's sides, and there are many different designs