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a painting of an angel sitting on the water's edge with her wings outstretched
Jak se léčit s anděly
Moje pravdy - Jak se léčit s anděly
the text is written in two languages and it appears to be from an old book
Blogy - Priatelia a obľúbené
the words are written in different languages
an iphone screen with the words in italian and english on it's left side
a menu for some kind of food on a table
Vianočné básničky
the words are written in different languages, and there is also an image on the page
an open book with santa claus written in russian and english on the front cover, sitting on a wooden table
an open book with children playing in the snow
detské básne
detské básne - Hľadať Googlom
an open book with pictures of animals and other things on it in a shopping cart