All bright red. An outfit with focus on the narrow waist. High waisted trousers with accentuated waist and volume around the hips and a red jumper on top. All Red Outfits

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lindsayrapp: “ Close up of a new painting I’m working on 💙 embracing my pull towards a blue oceanic palette, thick paint, the ocean and mermaid-esque muses purchase this fine art print here:.

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Are you a refugee? My new black friend asked me as we sat to eat our lunch during break time. Although my highschool was a racially mixed school, there was clear segregation during break times…

Celebs before they were famous. Marilyn Monroe was beautiful even as a baby.

Marilyn Monroe Photos Photos: Celebs Before They Were Famous

Marilyn Monroe Photos - *NO CANADA RIGHTS*.Yearbook photos and baby pictures of celebrities before they were famous. - Marilyn Monroe Photos - 5 of 23