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an image of two people with the caption that reads kets4ki sounds like hes trying to fake an american accent in this song
Sorry not sorry kets4eki stans 😜😜😜
#kets4eki #slander
an open book with writing on it and stars around the page, in pink ink
Books can change up so fast
an open book with writing on it and some red hearts around the page, which has been drawn in black ink
50 Epic Yearbook Quotes That People Just Had To Share
art credits go 2 luvzmilo !! Hype Music, Reaction Image, Music Time, Song Artists, Internet Funny, Funny Anime Pics, Melanie Martinez, Good People
art credits go 2 luvzmilo !!
an anime character with black hair standing in front of a red background
swag kets
I didnt drsw this! :3 milo is the only tjing thst mmskee me feel okay to be left handed lmao #kets4eki #asteria
i love kets4eii sticker with the words, i love kets4
kets4eki, odetari,6arelyhuman
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when i posted this i was listening to music and it kept on pausing it 💀