Alžbeta Dlugosova

Alžbeta Dlugosova

Alžbeta Dlugosova
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This FREE multiplication facts game makes kids want to practice their facts!

Want a fun, no-prep multiplication facts game to use in your math centers tomorrow? Read about how we've "mathified" the popular squares game to practice multiplication facts!

Great Freebie to practice area and perimeter!

Area and Perimeter Board Game. This area and perimeter board game is a fun way to practice area and perimeter skills. It includes: 18 question cards 18 answer cards Game Board Printable game pieces Printable Die Teacher Instructions

Free Good Morning Work "Tester Pages" - Common Core aligned daily math warm ups!

First Grade - Free Good Morning Work "Tester Pages" - Common Core aligned daily math warm ups!

Open Ended Questions for Accountable Math Talk

Effective math talk starts with building a classroom environment that welcomes discussions of different math strategies. Enhance your class with math talks!

Math words

This is a four page file--two pages in color and two pages in black and white. The key words can be given to the students to keep in their math folder. It can also be enlarged on a poster machine or photocopy machine and placed on the classroom wall.

math classroom poster and banners | School | Classroom Decorations | Math Symbols Colossal Concept Poster ...

math classroom poster and banners containing some of the most common math symbols used in class and which need to be posted, so students can always have them in mind.