Used drawers for wall shelves!

DIY Wall Shelves of Used Drawers. I like this idea for repurposing drawers. Might be able to find an old dresser that has seen better days, with scuffs or crackers but that has interesting drawers, that I can pick up for cheap at a yard sale.

Fabric basket, tutorial. What a cute idea!

Fabric strips turned into a useful storage basket! Free tutorial from Marshmallows and Pickles

DIY wallpaper box shelves.

DIY: box shelves + colorful wallpaper I L-O-V-E this idea.Gonna use some "boy" theme wallpaper for a few box/shelves in my kiddo's rooms!

pillowcase hamper

Hamper from 2 pillowcases and a sewing hoop for baby laundry! Put pillowcases inside each other, wrong sides together and then put the hoop on to hold them in place. Hung it on the wall using a cup hook at the spot where the hope expands.

DIY Gift Wrap Station

Turn an old stool into a craft room organizer. Screw rolling coasters into the top of stool. Turn upside down. Tie canvas bags onto the outside legs and fill the inside with gift wrapping paper rolls.

Turn an old dresser into a doll house, which also can give a drawer to store extra furniture and dolls...I would have loved this when I was a little girl!!

DIY Barbie House Cool idea for any kind or action figure house or play area

Such a cute idea!!!

Under the stairs playroom and out of the way! Also a Cool Extra Area for the Pets/Cozy Indoor Dog House! Sweet lol maybe make it look more pet like too :)