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I Still Hope It's You And Me In The End

....and dance! #quotes

That's why everything is so hard. I feel too much, or not at all, I care too much, or not at all. Seeing the world through your heart instead of your eyes just makes you look crazy to everyone who just sees with their eyes.

i can not decide which i feel more strongly about, hating your absence or loving your presence. either way, i am yours.

When it's all you and me all the time with no moments lost being apart from another. I want you with me always. *j

10 Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Tips To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

This week's eye tutorial is a smokey cat eye! I'll post a full face picture later. Thanks to @kjellholmes for requesting an eye with the @urbandecaycosmetics Naked 2 palette. Remember that if you're feeling uninspired with a certain palette, you can always ask me to take a crack at it. And if you post a recreation, tag me. I love seeing them!

“Here's how I achieved today's eye, using the @maybelline The Blushed Nudes palette! All brushes used were @sigmabeauty. 1. First, apply a wash of this…”