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a poster with different words and phrases on the back ground, including an image of a stick on Twitter
the tree of life is labeled in four different colors, including red, yellow, green and blue
Nyelvtani magyarázatok :: Lupán Német Online
the german language is written in two different languages, and it appears to be very confusing
Learn German on Twitter
german food and drink poster with the words die mahlzettenn
Willkommen auf Deutsch - Essen
a poster with two different numbers on the same page and one has an image of a clock
Język niemiecki W | Języki obce | Szkoła podstawowa | Szkolarbis
a poster with different types of transport vehicles and their names in german, english or french
Иностранные языки
a poster with pictures of different vegetables and their names in english or german, including carrots, celery, broccoli, radishes
Gemüse 1.
the different fruits and vegetables are labeled in this chart, which includes an image of each fruit
a poster showing different types of breads and pastries in german, with the words brotsorten on it
Essen und Trinken
the weather symbols are shown in this image, and there is also an example for each type
Learn German on X
an image of different types of drinks and beverages in the german language, with pictures on them
Getränke Memory
the words in different colors are arranged on a white background with black, red, green, blue, yellow and orange
Cores em alemão