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teacher planner in a binder. Don't buy a planner make one that saves you lots of time in the future. Terri's Teaching Treasures Teacher Planning Period Schedule, Teacher Notebook Organization, Teacher Master Copy Organization, Lesson Plan Middle School, Itinerant Teacher Organization Ideas, Teacher Agenda Board, Substitute Plans Middle School, How To Organize Lesson Plans, Substitute Classroom Management
DIY Teacher Planner
Don't buy a fancy, expensive teacher planner. See how I save my money and save myself a lot of time in the future with this teacher planner. A daybook with all your classroom routines and procedures. No need to write things over and over again. Perfect for when you have a substitute in your classroom. Any elementary, middle, or high school teacher can use this method for their day plans. This DIY planner is customized to your exact classroom schedule. Cheapest teacher planner you can find!
a young boy kneeling down with his hands in the air and text that reads 8 minutes of morning exercise can make your child a better learner
8 Minute Morning Workout for Kids • Sensory Activities
the teacher planner worksheet is shown on a clipboard with a pink pen
Free Teacher Planner Worksheets
Get organized using these free teacher planner printables! Instead of a typical planner, I use these printables to capture what I don't want to forget.
the mother's day card with handprints and flowers
9 Free Mother's Day Printables (Poems)
Free Mother's Day Poem Printables for kids to make mommy! Find ones that use their handprints, footprints, and fingerprints!
a mask with the words design - a - mask on it next to some crayons
Design a Mask / Pandemic Teaching / Covid Teaching / Masks in the Classroom / K-2 / First Grade