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the back of a woman's body with words written in russian and english on it
there is a poster with words in russian and english on the front, along with tulips
a man is standing in front of a black and white photo with a quote on it
two people sitting next to each other in front of a body of water with the words,
the words are written in green and white on a dark background with pine trees behind it
a green field with the words mouldy je ten, klo se z kazde chrys dokaze nec naucit
an old scroll with the names of different languages on it, and some writing in black ink
an advertisement with the words in different languages
a red and white poster with the words domov je rodina in spanish
a blue sign with the words provin written on it and two red hearts hanging from it
Slovo promiň neznamená, že jsi slabší | citáty o lásce
Slovo promiň neznamená, že jsi slabší. Znamená to, že vztah s danou osobou je ti cennější než tvoje ego.