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an artist's rendering of two dinosaurs attacking each other
3D & Animation online courses for creative professionals | Domestika
terror bird by jon4 | Creatures | 2D | CGSociety
an animal with antlers on it's head is standing next to a deer
Sinomegaceros pachyosteus, an extinct Cervidae of the Pleistocene of northern China, who sported impressive 1.6m crown-like antlers
an antelope standing in front of a white background with the words mauricio antonio on it
Fragments of Ancient Lives
Fragments of Ancient Lives (Posts tagged neogene)
an artist's impression of animals grazing on the plains
The Flora and Fauna of the Siberian Mammoth Steppe by Franziska Lorenz and Jochen Stuhrmann
an image of a bird with very long hair on it's head and neck
10, 000 BC movie concept, Daren Horley
ArtStation - 10, 000 BC movie concept, Daren Horley
an ostrich and her babies in a grassy field with clouds behind it,
prehistoric bird
a drawing of a brown bear sitting on its hind legs and holding something in its mouth
Mapinguari Sightings: Is the Giant Ground Sloth Still Alive in the Amazon?
Mapinguari. Giant sloth-like animal found in the dark jungles of South America. Slow, but willing to eat people; fearsomely bad smelling- bad enough that they can often be tracked by their terrible scent.
an artist's rendering of wooly animals in a field
Other worlds studio
Other worlds studio | VK
an animal that is standing in the grass
What Were the Earth's 10 Biggest Mass Extinctions?
an elephant standing on top of a table in front of a plant filled with leaves
Deinotherium - The Terrible Beast
an artist's rendering of a tri - horned animal with long horns and large tusks
Elasmotherium, FinwalART
a herd of bison walking across a dry grass field
Other worlds studio
an animal that is standing in the snow near some grass and trees, with other animals behind it
Coelodonta antiquitatis – ferrebeekeeper