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Estantes de quina

Estantes de quina

Alphabet of the Necromancer Common Tongue by Sathiest-Emperor on DeviantArt

This is the alphabet of the common tongue, the language of everyday life in the Necromantic Empire Spent a long time writing . Alphabet of the Necromancer Common Tongue

Be Prepared: 15 Items That Every Survival Kit Should Contain - All Self-Sustained

The Survival Stores Maxpedition Versipack De-Luxe Go Bag - The Ultimate Survival Kit. Probably would never use it, but it'd be nice to have in the closet.

Laigorian Alphabet by on @DeviantArt

An alphabet I put together for my upcoming TTRPG: "Dawn of Man". Feel free to write whatever you wish, with this alphabet. Just don't go claiming it as your own. That copyright I have is good for m.