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NPC Personality Generator - Weakness - 01 Blunt - speaks in short, honest answers 02 Fearful - seems paranoid and afraid 03 Talkative - Talks too much, overshares 04 Jealous - Jealous of the players 05 Depressed - Sad, speaks softly 06 Angry - shouts, dislikes players 07 Quiet - Speaks softly, and only when spoken to 08 Impatient - rushes players 09 Suspicious - doesn't trust others 10 Manic - overly joyful, nearly crazed - Strength - 01 Honest - Always tells the truth 02 Brave - Doesn't back down, even if threatened 03 Good Humored - can take jokes at their expense 04 Friendly - befriends all, happy to see others 05 Helpful - Will assist players, in any way possible 06 Smart - Can assist players with Knowledge checks 07 Generous - gives large rewards 08 Charitable - Gives what they can to less fortunate 09 Pious - Uses religion to better theirself 10 Defender - will fight to defend others - Fear - 01 Dark Secret revealed 02 Losing loved ones 03 Being alone 04 Rejection 05 Death 06 Losing material wealth 07 Failing 08 Change - Desire - 01 Political Power 02 Physical Power 03 Wealth 04 Health 05 Love 06 Friendship 07 See the world 08 Revenge - iFunny
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Gil the Vlogsmith (Teaching Classes) on X
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Feeling like a real DM after building Trollskull Manor for my players in our Dragon Heist Campaign.
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Dumb #dnd story time. once gave my players "A Tome of Absolute Knowledge." A thick wood- bound ledger full of tiny Spt font script. 1/? There was a wooden mouth carved on the front that spoke (without moving) to anyone who wished to read from the book. Twitter Web Likes vropinevie @vropinevie- Replying to @DropTheDie The players found it in an old abandoned liprary of a city that was swallowed by a swamp, so they were pretty hyped to pick it up and hear am one of the Tomes of Absolute Knowledge. I have the power to answer 4 more questions before the magic ebbs from my pages. Ask." 2/? QOises if DropTheDie @DropTheDie I could not make this up. The PC holding the book immediately said "Did this book just talk?" in their character voice. Obviously, no OM could resist: I replied "Yes. I spoke. 3 answers remain open to you." PANIC. 3/? Instead of laughs, the table erupted in bropt The rogue, in character, said "Everything we SAY gets answered?" The Wizard chimed in "But does this book know EVERYTHING?" The monk said "Shouldn't we not be asking questions OUT LOUD?" Three of the players turned toward me, painfully slowly... 4/? On this O1414 ff, DropTheDie @DropTheDie "Yes. I know most things within this multiverse. It would have been a good idea. The questions of the world have been answered! Now, I slumber." and the writing inside the book vanished, and the voice disappeared. Everyone had their heads in their hands, shooketh. 5/? DropTheDie @DropTheDie There was a short "after care" interlude where I smiled, fatherly, at them and explained that things of that nature happen - that they should not beat themselves up. We had some laughs, got some sodas, and kept playing, no worse for wear. Q1,467 ff 6/? DropTheDie @DropTheDie Fast forward like 4 real-life months. The party was welcome to peruse a warlock's sanctum and help themselves to a book of their choice: the tomes of health/ manual of golems, a book that sang like a minstrel, a spell book, and... a wooden book with a mouth. 7/? 15 1369 DropTheDie @DropTheDie The table went COMPLETELY SILENT and two of the players dug out notebook paper and started passing notes around the table, shushing one another when they would make excited squeaks or chitters. After 5-10 minutes, one player said "OUT OF CHARACTER I ASK FOR THIS BOOK" 12 8/? DropTheDie @DropTheDie They refused to speak to the warlock, but instead just mimed thank yous and goodbyes. We spent maybe 40 minutes passing notes and miming potential questions before they even UNWRAPPED the book from its oilcloth. am a Tome of Absolute Knowledge. I can answer 3 questions." 9/? 1,375 ft, DropTheDie @Drop! heDie- Y'all - you'd have thought gave them a TAKE HOME TEST with the amount of time they spent perfecting their questions and refusing to speak for fear of wasting it. They learned -The BBG's entire history -What happened to the fighter's family -Location of a god-killing spell 20 O1,766 10/? DropTheDie @DropTheDie- It was a DM's DREAM for the last HOUR of our session, answering these long, detailed, comprehensive questions about the campaign and having the players hang on every single word, knowing it was reliable. It SLINGSHOT our campaign by twenty sessions & made them feel SPECIAL. 20 O2140 DropTheDie @DropTheDie The moral: players like to feel their mistakes learned from. Don't let their one failure haunt them forever, let it come full circle and watch the enjoyment as they get a second chance. My group gave up STAT BOOSTS just to answer 3 questions because it had HAUNTED THEM. 38 189 O4114 Jim White, aka T.W.Wombat wa... Replying to @DropTheDie Reminds me of a friend's game. Party found a magic acorn and forgot about it. Months later, they were emptying out their packs and found it. One character held it and said, "Wish I knew what this acorn did." A voice in their head said, "It grants a wish," and the acorn crumbled. tiz QO330- ty - iFunny