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a close up of a person wearing a soccer uniform with black hair and an afro
Portrait of Diego Maradona of Argentina during a match against Brazil...
a soccer player in action on the field
13 May 1980 Friendly football match - England v Argentina Diego...
two men on a soccer field one holding a camera and the other pointing at something
Jugadores de Fútbol
a soccer player standing in front of a crowd
International Football. Scotland v Argentina. Portrait - Diego...
a man kicking a soccer ball on top of a field with people in the background
Diego Maradona of Napoli SSC in action during an Italian League match...
argentina's national soccer team players during a match
Argentina player Diego Maradona and England player Ray Kennedy look...
a soccer player in action on the field
the back cover of an album with various logos on it
a blue and white striped shirt with the number ten on it's chest, in spanish