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a lamp that is sitting on top of a table next to some books and flowers
Cake Carrier Lamp
an open screen door on a porch with the words how to make a diy screen door
How to Make a DIY Screen Door - Woodshop Mike
a potted plant with succulents and other plants in it sitting on a table
Terrific turbine transformations,..for the garden!
a small yard with a fence and some bushes in it, including a round object that has been placed on top of the grass
an old fashioned light fixture hanging from a tree
an outdoor kitchen made out of pallets on instagram for patios and barstools
an outdoor bar with stools under it and the words welcome home written on top
We looked at so many great ideas and came up with this. So happy with how it turned out
an outdoor bbq and grill area in the backyard
How to Build a BBQ Shack DIY
two photos side by side one has a rolling cart and the other has a workbench
14 Genius Ideas That Will Make Your Backyard The Best Place To Hang Out
an old wooden shelf with towels hanging from it's sides and a plant in the corner
Love this re-purpose of an old tool box