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Top Ten DIY Crafts Of The Week!

Häfele bouw- en meubelbeslag - Häfeles tafel-draaibeslag - Veelzijdig door zijn eenvoud.

Deco Pinball Ring #anthrofave

Venček s orchideou a srdiečkom

Šité vánoční girlandy

Silver Belle of the Ball Dress

Silver Belle of the Ball | ModCloth

River Mirrors — Caryn Moberly | "Each River Mirror is created by British artist and designer Caryn Moberly from beautiful pieces of burred elm. The mirrors resemble water flowing between the natural banks of a river. Caryn uses the natural undulating shape of the tree to form the river banks, and so no two mirrors are the same."

Make a beautiful gift, use of wood grain and burr shapes, it's like an aerial view of a river!