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Instructions to build my Pick a Brick Despicable Me Minion, using parts only found on the LEGO brand retail store's Pick a Brick wall. Your mileage may vary.

It’s the ultimate battle between parent and child: eating fruit and vegetables. Put simply, parents are in the “yes” camp and kids are in the “no way! How then, can a truce be called?

Calling all little knights, princesses, kings and queens! Here is how you can build your very own fairy tale castle fit for a toddler! A great opportunity for explaining vocabulary and independent play! You can find some building instructions here:

Here at Pley, we think LEGO manuals are as awesome; but sometimes we like to go off the beaten path and create LEGO structures without instructions. As we like to say at Headquarters: “No instructions necessary”. You can’t have creativity if you don’t create! Watch the video below to learn how to build a LEGO …

Ever wanted to know how to build an awesome LEGO house? Pley, the leading online toy rental service shows you how in its LEGO how-to series.