Bedroom 2nd floor

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three black and white chairs sitting next to each other on the stairs in a building
5-065 Wool Stair Runners Bowloom wool loop stair runners with Stripe T-1 tape fitted in London.
an empty room with stairs leading up to the second floor and another door on the other side
4-064 flatweave stair runners Bowloom flatweave herringbone carpet, fitted stair runners with plain binding tape
two pictures of the inside of a house with insulation and roof shingles on it
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the floor plan for a two bedroom apartment
a bed sitting under a slanted roof next to a window on top of a wall
an attic bedroom with white walls and shelves
a bedroom with a bed, dressers and drawers in it's attic space
Genius Storage Ideas for Lofts | RSJ Loft & Garage Conversions
a white bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub in it's center area
Loft Conversion Photo Gallery | Bedroom Inspiration – The Loft Room