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Berry Danishes
40min · 8 servings Berry Danishes • Ingredients: • 14 oz puff pastry @dufourpastrykitchens • Powdered sugar Mint leaves Macerated fruit • 1.5 cups mixed berries • 2 tbs sugar 1 tsp cornstarch Cream cheese mixture • 4 oz soften cream cheese- room temperature • 2 tbs sugar • 1 tsp vanilla extract • 1 tbs lemon juice Lemon zest Egg wash 1 beaten egg + 2 tsp water Method: • 1. Thaw puff pastry according to package instructions; • 2. Macerate berries by mixing them with sugar and cornstarch and set aside; • 3. Mix room temperature cream cheese with sugar, vanilla, lemon juice and lemon zest; • 4. Gently roll your pastry and cut into 8 rectangles; score the edges and add about a tbs of cream cheese mixture and top with 2 tbs berries; • 5. Brush egg wa
Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts
Apple pie tastes better when it looks like a rose. Beautiful apple rose pastries made with cream cheese and cinnamon sugar, you're going to want to make these this holiday season!
Caramelized Upside Down Apple Tart Recipe by halfacoco
20min · 2 servings Caramelized Upside Down Apple Tart Recipe • Ingredients: • Rolled puff pastry • 1 apple, sliced • Maple syrup • Sunflower seeds • Egg yolk • Icing sugar for dusting • 1. Pour 1 tbsp maple syrup on a lined baking sheet. Sprinkle 1 tsp sunflower seeds. Place 2 round slices of apple on the maple syrup and cover with a round piece of puff pastry bigger than the apple diameter. • 2. Brush with egg yolk and bake at 180c for 20 minutes until golden brown. • 3. Lesve to cool completely vefore turning over. • Dust with icing sugar and enjoy! • #appletart #puffpastry #recipes #maplesyrup #caramel
Easy 4-Ingredient Fruit Tarts