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three men sitting at a table with sunglasses on
He is making bracelets 😭❤️
a young man standing in front of a wall wearing a white vest and black pants
joão félix
a young man in black shirt and white shorts
a man sitting on the ground with his legs crossed and one foot in the air
a young man in a soccer uniform is holding his hands out and posing for the camera
joão félix
joão félix
joão félix
joão félix
two soccer players standing next to each other on a field with their arms around each other
Yamal e Fermín
a young man in a red shirt and green shorts posing for the camera with his arms crossed
a man standing on top of a soccer field wearing a blue and red uniform with his hands on his hips
joão félix
a shirtless young man holding a soccer ball
three soccer players in front of a red and blue background with the image of their team
João felix walpaper ⚽️🥇
#Barcelona #felix #futebol
a shirtless man sitting on the edge of a swimming pool with a soccer ball in his hand
two men standing next to each other on a boat