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an open box with some cupcakes in it
Cumpleaños para llevar
Lola Wonderful_Blog: Cumpleaños para llevar
a cartoon car with a bride and groom in the back sitting on it's roof
Vector illustration, card with bride and groom in car
a card with two people made out of money
Come regalare soldi agli sposi: 23 modi originali +1 | SR blog
a car with the words just married written on it and two hearts in the back
Macchina con scritta Just Married da colorare -
an air balloon with flowers in it sitting on a table
Geldgeschenk basteln – DIY Heißluftballon – Schön bei dir by DEPOT
two wooden dolls standing next to each other in front of rocks and plants with the words susa micha written on them
Markenlose Saisonales & Feste für Sammler online kaufen | eBay
Einzigartiges Geldgeschenk Hochzeit, Hochzeitsgeschenk,Brautpaar,Personalisiert! | Sammeln & Seltenes, Saisonales & Feste, Hochzeit | eBay!
there is a picture frame with an image of a car on it and some candy in front of it
Hochzeitgeschenk Geld - Kreativ verpackt im Bilderrahmen | PHOTOLINI