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This dog is used to the shower
Meet the shower aficionado – a dog so accustomed to the water's embrace, it's second nature. With a gleaming coat and content expression, this canine companion turns bath time into a delightful ritual. Witness the ease and comfort as water cascades, showcasing a furry friend who embraces the refreshing experience effortlessly. For this dog, the shower isn't just a necessity; it's a cherished part of the daily routine.
Cuteness overload 💗 Via @discover.animal
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a small white and brown dog sitting on top of a couch
a small brown and white animal laying in the grass
a baby fox is sleeping in the snow
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an animal that is sitting on its back legs and the caption reads, this is man
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four different pictures of dogs and cats in the same area, one is swimming with his head on another dog's back
Without the help of this cat, the owner couldn't have done it
Without the help of this cat, the owner couldn't have done it))