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#wattpad #fanfic Porque cada selfie tiene su propia historia ¿Quieres saber cual es? Chistes Humor Comedia Romance Yaoi Lemon... De todoo!  |Jikook|  Puede que aveces entren otras parejas. _____________________________ Este es un OneFic Los capítulos aun no estan determinados Capitulos cortos

jungkook asked if jimin won a kiss he became of age. jimin denied and asked if jeon would give him one

JungKook + Jimin=JIKOOK💖💖💕💕🔥🔥😻😻😻

omg Kookie you have grown into such a handsome young man >.< wishing u a very Hapy Birthday from all ur fans in Texas and USA!


Read Capítulo Mentira from the story Puzzle (BTS Yaoi) by Rainights with reads.

Maknae Line Bts, Denim, Bts Photo, Jimin Jungkook, Taehyung, Army, Travel, Writing, Memories, Going Out, Voyage, Memoirs, Viajes, Military, Souvenirs, Destinations, Trips, Being A Writer, Traveling, Remember This, Armies, A Letter, Writing Process, Lettering


2 [Jimin] from the story Smut Bangtan boys Dirty Secrets by Jiminbigbooty (Park_Soonyoung) with reads.

Jiminie !!!!!!

Park Jimin: Deadass think I’ve saved this multiple times but fuck it, it deserves to be spread around