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Frida Kahlo's Photo Album - At Home With Mrs Diego Rivera - Flashbak
a woman in an apron is painting a portrait
Фрида Кало (Frida Kahlo). Коллекция картин (405 работ)
Фрида Кало (Frida Kahlo). Коллекция картин (405 работ)
an old black and white photo of a woman laughing with her hands on the face of a man
"Reír nos hizo invencibles. No como los que siempre ganan, sino como aquellos que no se rinden". Frida Kahlo y Chavela Vargas
a black and white poster with three celestial symbols
The La Lune Totem (Cocorrina)
The La Lune Totem
a collage of books and photos with the words smell of books written on them
Ars Aesthetica
Book Witch
four different images of women in the water with words above them that say,'i am
Best 25+ Greek Mythology ideas on Pinterest | Roman Mythology, Greek gods and goddesses and Greek godesses
“Greek Gods, Titans and Primordial Deities ”
two pictures with flowers on their head and the words leiia written in white above them
lelia - slavic goddess of spring & mercy
a collage of different images with flowers in the foreground and an old castle in the background
two different covers of the same book, one featuring a woman in armor and one with a bow on her head
sif - norse goddess associated with the earth, and wife of thor
two book covers with an image of a skull and a crown on top of it
amechania - greek goddess of helplessness
a man and woman standing next to each other at a party with drinks in their hands
Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker, 1999