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Mexican Feather Grass - Nasella (aka Stipa); evergreen, with hardiness in USDA Zones 6-10

The soft, feathery quality of Mexican feather grass (Stipa tenuissima) is played up when the grass is backlit by the afternoon sun in Ted Hoppin’s garden on Bainbridge Island. The grass holds up over a long season and requires little care besides a yearly

The Olympic Park, London 2012; plantings by Sarah Price, James Hitchmough and Nigel Dunnett; The American Garden, plants include Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Verbena, Allium, Asclepias

The Olympic Park, London plantings by Sarah Price, James Hitchmough and Nigel Dunnett; some types of alliums must rebloom if deadheaded, otherwise would not be blooming with the echinacea?

Ось ваші щотижневі рекомендації!

White flowers with yellow centers pop against a backdrop of Mexican feather grass = Ponytail Grass = Stipa tenuissima = Stipa tenuifolia = Nasella Tenuissima. A bed of grasses and low-water perennials including Echinacea 'White Swan'.

шар в ландшафтном дизайне

PP: OOOHHH! I want to make this too; I'm thinking two inflatable beach balls. Cut the top off of one and fill with concrete mix, then blow the other up inside of that and make sure the concrete sets up ALL around.