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an open book with some writing on the page and two words below it in russian
a poster with the words and pictures on it
two birds sitting on top of a tree with leaves and flowers in the branches, next to each other
an image of three children holding hands with butterflies flying above them and the words in spanish below
an italian language poem with hearts and the words, saviem viridga
a drawing of a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a white dress
a poster with different animals and words on it
an image of a page with the words mese matricius 156 - ere on it
a card with an image of two animals and the words zelk zoltan tawaszi dar
a poem with balloons floating in the sky
an open book with black and white drawings on it's page, in russian
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an article in the magazine shows a man with a shovel
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an old book is open to the page with cartoon characters on it and in english
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