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Andrea Tachova
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Tom Hiddleston made a ginger sandwich with Eddie Redmayne and Cat Deeley

Eddie Redmayne, Cat Deeley and Tom Hiddleston attend the Moet & Chandon VIP Suite during day eight of the ATP World Finals at the Arena on November 2012 in London, England [HQ]

SACRILEGIO ! sigo pensand que estas son de las peores propuestas, que es un libro por dios, es sagrado, aún si lo compró para eso, que destino más cruel y superfluo, remedos de hipster supuestamente intelectuales y muggles "creativos" que carecen del respeto y la cultura necesaria para osar tocar un libro.

Harry Potter proposal Not sure how I feel about this. It's cool and all, and the fact that it's in book six at the unbreakable vow is sweet but. To do that to a book. And a Harry Potter book at that.


& you come to see the caged animal, my dear?& This scene broke my heart. At first Loki put on the facade of his strength but then revealed his true state of grief and sorrow for someone he truly loved. Trying not to spoil it for you. I Loki!