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Kettlebell workouts are the best. And this poster shows you how to do 40 different Kettlebell exercises. And shows what muscles are used! All in one place!

Kettlebell Workout Exercise Poster Laminated - Home Gym Weight Lifting Routine - HIIT Workout - Build Muscle & Lose Fat - Fitness Guide -

- MOST COMPREHENSIVE POSTER: 40 of the most effective suspension exercises you can do! Great for indoor workouts and home gyms. - EASY TO FOLLOW: Clearly illustrated start/finish positions and targete

Laminated TRX Suspension Exercise Poster - Strength Training Chart - Build Muscle, Tone & Tighten - Home Gym Resistance Workout Routine - Fitness Guide - Bodyweight Resistance

Smoothies give me a lot of energy to make it through the work day and the gym. I like this layout... it makes it easier to create a system!

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