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a clown is standing in front of a rainbow colored dot border with circles around it
Images By Мария пискун On дз In 2020 187
the words mote zmysly are surrounded by different types of mouth shapes
the words zmysly are drawn on top of different faces
Zmysly | pesničky Škola hrou
four matching cards with pictures of food and things to see on them, including an eye
an art project made out of paper and colored eyeballs
Okno do duše
Tvoříme s dětmi ☺: Okno do duše
sheet music with the words'key som zdray'and an image of a
SPEVNÍK V našej škôlke (Mgr. Kira Páczerová, Bc. Iveta Jančušková, Bc. Martina Ďurinová)
SPEVNÍK V našej škôlke (Mgr. Kira Páczerová, Bc. Martina Ďurinová, Bc. Iveta Jančušková) > kniha |
an image of a child's poem written in spanish
an image of a card with the words hello to you on it and some toys