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Reconsidering the archetype of the mews dwelling, this new house explores the tension between the rigour of its street presence and a fluid inner realm

Fun times

Daroco is proof that there are still surprises to be had in a city not exactly shy of restaurant openings. But then again, you’d expect nothing less from duo Alexandre Giesbert and Julien Ross, who are behind the successful eateries, Roco pizzeria, Roc.

baumschlager eberle . Chilestieg . Rümlang (5)

The residential development at Chilestieg in Rümlang Switzerland looks like a set of shim- mering crystals embedded in lush green surroundings. The planning approach adopted by baumschlager eberle reveals a sensitive response to the structures in.

Detail Bodenplatte/Fassade, M 1 : 20

Detail Bodenplatte/Fassade, M 1 : 20