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Fly Tying Nation: Foam Nation - foam fly pattern damsel fly.

Foam Nation - All the foam pattern Franken Mouse Cicada X Water Dragon Spread Wing Cicada X Popping Hopper V.

Old #troutflies #flytying #flyfishing #wetflies - @flyfishingpodcast- #webstagram

Old #troutflies #flytying #flyfishing #wetflies - @flyfishingpodcast- #webstagram

Clyde’s Realistic Stonefly - by Kyle Hanna

Realistic flies can be intimidating a first glance. With more detailed step and a few unique material, they are now different that nay other flies. Kyle Hanna breaks down in detail the steps for a great realistic stonefly.

Fly Tying: Bird of Prey Caddis - YouTube

For this fly tying tutorial, I chose a pattern that just screams "variations," Mike Mercer's Psycho Prince bead head nymph. Tied on an Allen Fly Fishing .

Real and artificial - A real caddis larva and two artificials.

Developed by Radoslav Kiskinov, the Shark's Caddis larva fly pattern is a very simple and realistic fly imitating the Caddis larva. It's main trait is the body of twisted Antron yarn with hare’s f.

93 Carrie Stevens streamers!  Rane Olsen

Finnish fly tyer Rane Olsen decided to tie all 93 Carrie Stevens streamer patterns mentioned in Graydon R. Hilyard's book on her and the flies.

Field & Stream Knot Guide. For more info on fly reels and fly fishing check out  Don't forget to support and check out the publisher/Pinners of this photo.thx

The Trilene Knot</span> <hr> Named after Berkley's Trilene monofilament, the Trilene knot is a stronger variation of the commonly used improved clinch knot. Tied carefully, it tests at close to 100 percent of line strength. I ofte